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About Us

Full turnkey delivery motorcycle fleet management solution.


We take care of all your fleet management needs. Our offering provides you with the perfect delivery motorcycle solution…including maintenance, live tracking, comprehensive insurance, rider training & safety gear. 

We are a one stop shop to get your individual or fleet motorcycle on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Let your fleet do the talking, with full branding packages available to make your mark on the streets.  

Branding boxes as well as motorcycles.

It is more cost effective for your business to lease motorcyles from instaFLEET than to purchase them. Rental payments are tax deductible, reducing your taxable income by 28%. So let us take care of the cost & hassle of tracking, training, repairs & maintenance, while you focus on your bottom line.

If your driver breaks down or is involved in an accident, we will collect your motorcycle and provide you with a loan motorcycle if needed. No down time for your business as we know how important it is to keep operating.

Once your motorcycle has been repaired/serviced, we will drop it back off at your shop and take the loan motorcycle back.


instaFLEET also offers rider training to ensure your rider is safe on the roads.